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NicotineVictims.Com is a home for those who are either addicted to this nerve poison or have a loved one who is and to those who do not understand why most "anti-smoking" campaigns are so ineffective and often counterproductive. This site is one attorney's perspective on this deadly but brilliant industry.

 The industry's spin doctors would have the world believe that the addict must be either weak, stupid, or both, because they wake up each morning and choose to continue ingesting this poison.

WARNING: The active ingredient in this product-nicotine, 
is a highly addictive nerve poison.

The same slick ad campaigns promote the individual's "right to smoke" if they so chose. In reality, the first thing the teenager loses is their freedom of choice, their "right to choose each day whether or not to ingest this brain altering nerve poison".

American Legacy Foundation is typical of the industry's sophisticated campaign. While this well funded (by the industry) organization purports to be anti-smoking, its message is identical to that used by industry defense attorneys. Their stated mission is "BUILDING A WORLD WHERE YOUNG PEOPLE REJECT TOBACCO AND ANYONE CAN QUIT." They are simply supporting the industry's defense with the myth that any addict can quit. We invite you to compare their pitch to that of nicotine industry defense attorneys which can be found on this site under nicotine transcripts.

We will provide you with stories, information and observations ignored by the mainstream media.

For example, on the "Tobacco Settlement" In order to receive this great wind fall of money the states are now totally dependent on the nicotine industry staying in business for the next twenty-five years and addicting ever more of our children who will ultimately be the ones to pay for this settlement with their money and lives. (NV-1999)

Lean why most anti-smoking campaigns are so ineffective and how they actually provide the nicotine industry's defense  in court. Isn't it strange that both messages are basically the same. Read Phillip Morris mission statement or look at their TV commercials, then Read actual excerpts from closing arguments by a nicotine attorneys in lung cancer cases.

For the record - number of Americans killed by terrorists on 9-11-01 = app. 3,000; number of Americans killed by nicotine addiction in the past year = app. 400,000. Sildenafil (viagra online) for everyone! 10/30/07


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